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Tour “From Ancient Kiev till Euromaidan 2014” Tour “Day off in Pyrogiv”

 Tour “From Ancient Kiev
till Euromaidan 2014”Kyiv”

40  EUR 

Tour “Day off in Pyrogiv”

40  EUR 

Tour “Secrets of Lavra monastery” Big tour “Evening Kyiv”

Tour “Secrets of Lavra monastery”

40 EUR

Pubs tour

40 EUR

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Private Ukrainian village tour

Duration: 7-8 hours
Price: 179 $

Hiking near Kyiv

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Why you should choose my tours:

  • We create your tour together. All my tours are personal and I treat every tourist as my friend. Just write me in which way would you like to spend your vacation in Ukraine and we make a plan together.
  • I provide various tours such as visiting historical places, parties, dances and festival events. You will meet real Ukrainian people and try something new in your life like hiking, salsa or Ukrainian dances, living in Ukrainian countryside.
  • You can ask me any questions about Ukrainian history. I am a professional historian/archeologist and can explain history in a simple way.


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