Crazy House Pub

kiev guideThis pub is very difficult to find. It has not sign and is situated in a basement of ordinary living building. It a tiny window has grate.

Just open a door and you would see doctors and nurses who pour vodka and absent in glass-tube. You should start from green absent and move to red and black. The main goal of all these doctors is making you feel gone in the head.

If absent is not enough for the most impetuous patients, they prepare shock therapy – cocktail “Hot head”. First, doctor-barmen gowns hospital clothes on a visitor and metal helmet on his head.



After, he sets a fire on the helmet. At the same time he prepares cocktails that mix by hitting on the helmet. Patient has to drink cocktail by cocktail very fast. At the end doctor put out fire by 50 litter beer keg. From third parties it looks funny.

This bar exists around 10 year and was inspired by Anton Chehov’s novel “Palata № 6”. All rooms here have specific hospital names. In order to find toilet you need to open door with sigh “Urinology”