How survive in Europe for 300 € for 2,5 weeks. Sunny Alicante!

alicante spainAlicante, Alicante, Alicante! This sunny city was found by Romans. Early morning we arrived to bus station we asked someone the way to the sea. We ran to beach by the wavy-shape road. Beach was empty. We ran, jumped, and laughed in warm water. Then tired but happy we eta peaches, which have bought in Pakistan shop and at last fell asleep.

Strange noise woke me up. Opened eyes and saw many people around. Ha-Ha! All were pensioners! Grey-haired man read newspaper under an umbrella beside. It was beach for elderly!

alicante spain

Ater long asking the way we were in our hostel. An organizer – funny Spanish guy – settled us together with Russian girl from Moscow. Every time girls ran to our room and shouted: Girls, what you dress for the party? Have you seen these Spain guys?” It looks like school camp.

alicante spain



I liked the first party. One hundred people together, from different countries! All were very cheerful.  I remember funny high Spanish guy who always called me “friend”. And, August from Canaries island. As many local people August was good dancer. When he dances, his yeas shined. He said that dance exists for making people happy. Not to be serious, Not think. Just dance! Our guys could learn many things there)


spain alicante10.08. I remember party a third night. It was a bit boring so we decided to go to the local fortress and asked August come with us.
So lovely night in Spanish castle! I never forget those narrow beauty Alicante’s streets. It’s up and up to castle. Peaceful people set around tables and played chess.

After fortress we swam in sea and on back road sang Ukrainian songs for August, who was a bit afraid night walking.
At 6 am we got hostel hungry as a hunter. Decided to eat together. Me and Tania took some candies and cakes that have prepared for back way and had breakfast on bench together with August, who was extremely happy))

alicante spain


15.10. We took our bags and went to archeological museum. It’s so huge! Sant Petersburg’s “Hermitage” organized exhibition of Scythians gold. (7 century BC). We have the same in my museum) It was really a big surprise for us to see them in Spain! Entrance costs only 1.5 E. Cheaper than museum of Gold in Kyiv. First we watched ancient life on TV, then go to exhibition.

In Russian exhibition there were big figure of gold deer and gold bowl which depicted scythes. The most impressively among museum collection drowned ship looked. We up on it and saw amphora (Greek dishes) inside..