Military Kyiv City Tour

Discover Kyiv military attractions and visit three major Kyiv military museums on a day tour with a professional guide. Enjoy the spectacular view from Kyiv fortress banks. Try the best Ukrainian wine at the end of the tour.

Meet your tour guide in your hotel lobby who introduce you military Ukrainian history on your way to the Ukrainian army museum. The museum is famous with unique equipment, guns and army costumes being in use during different periods.

Continue your walk to Kyiv fortress museum and observe a military tower from the 1800s alone your route. Kyiv fortress is an original defensive system built by Russian tsar in 1830s against Napoleon army. Climb the fortress bank with a spectacular view on caponiers and Olympic stadium. Look inside of defensive buildings being used as a prison as well.

Enjoy lunch break in Ukrainian restaurant placed which placed in powder cellar from the 1830s. (We recommend you this restaurant, but you can choose another place for lunch)

The afternoon is a time for WWII museum with gigantic Motherland Statue. Besides the museum observe military machine park from WWI till the nowadays Ukrainian Russian war.

Visit Lavra monastery with defensive walls from the 1700s and Great Bell Tower.

At the end of the tour relax in a Ukrainian cosy bar where your private sommelier introduces the best Ukrainian wineries.
We hope this day would be memorable for you)

Price: 1-3 person 159 USD