Military tour to Kyiv bunkers

kiev military tour

If you are  fan of military history you surely should visit this tour. Even me who is far off different military staffs enjoyed climbed dark, long tunnels inside of bunkers.

The length of Kiev Fortified Region was 85 km which included 300 bunkers. Regarding this huge military protection Soviet army held the position against the Nazi during 71 days, more than three months July-September 1941. Hitler was very upset with a fact that his army got stuck near Kiev.

Till now German forces achieved surprising victories and broke down into some of the most important economic areas of the Soviet Union, mainly in Ukraine. Till the middle of August Nazi started to take Kiev into the deathful circle. They passed Dnieper river therefore four soviet arms were on the edge to defeat.

We will visit:

  • 4 different bunkers including museum-bunker with Maxim gun and 400 long undegraund bunker
  • German reconstracted cemenary

Price for 1-3 person : 150- 195 USD

Duration: 3 hours


  • guide
  • car transportation during all the tour