Secret restaurant of Kyiv

Secret restaurant of KyivYou do not need to go to Lviv for visiting Ukrainian partisan restaurant as in Kyiv similar partisan restaurant “The last barricade” was lunched.

It difficult to find entrance to “The last barricade” as it is hidden in labyrinths of Globes shopping moll. But at least we found it. And surely strong partisans met us and asked about password. I do not want to unveil it just can give you a clue that it connects with EuroMaydan.

The next obstacle was a huge wall. Metallic human hands decorate this wall. As partisan explained we had to press hidden button on one of the hand.

The highlight of the restaurant is a ruin of ancient Sothern city gate. You can drink coffee just besides it baseline. Sothern gate was the last city defensive wall in time when Mongolians conquered Kyiv. In 1240 the commander of Mongolian army Batu Khan used this gate to come in.