Ukrainian men declared war on sex tourists in Ukraine

They undressed, hit, tied him and left on street.  Since that time nobody have seen that ashamed tourist in Ukraine.


There is no secret that many foreigners come to Ukraine with one purpose such as finding a girl for one night. Ukrainian girls got bad reputation as well as Turkish guys. There are many normal tourists who suffer from such opinion.

Nowadays, sex tourists become ecstatic. They want to have “a good girl with a soul” who shows them Kiev, cooks them Ukrainian food and spends nights. And all services for reasonable price. Moreover, if they have luck on their side, they want to meet a naïve girl for free.

However, today by trying sex tourism in Ukraine you can have many problems.

Diseases. According to British magazine The Sun in Ukraine every fifth prostitute has AIDS-defining illness. In total 500 000 people in Ukraine have this disease. One of them is a 24-year -old Kat who provided service to fans during the Euro 2012. – They made me rich – Kat tells with a smile. She does not care that probably some of her clients brought a “special souvenir” from Ukraine to their lovely wives.

Police. You can have a problem with police. Such activity is illegal in Ukraine. Prostitution in Ukraine was legal only in time of Russian empire. The most famous Kyiv Red Light street was Andrew’s decent. This street was a real paradise for men. They wandered from one bordel to another and did not care about health as all girls had a specific yellow card – type of a license for their job and they passed medical control regularly.

Anti-sex tourism campaign  «Welcome to Ukraine».  Ukrainian men proclaimed fighting with sex tourism. In Kyiv anti-sex tourism movement is led by Ukrainian businessmen who fed up with bad reputation of Ukrainian girls. These guys post advertisements in magazines on behalf of girls. When client answers, they come to him together with girl and teach “good behavior” in Ukraine.

One of their victims was a man from Turkey. He met girl just in bathrobe near his door and was ready for having fun. However, instead three men broke into his apartment. They undressed, hit, tied him and picked him up out Kyiv to Okrugna road. This road is famous for prostitution. For a desert they put poster “Stop sex tourist in Ukraine” on his neck and went away leaving him on the street.
Additionally they caught video which for some days gathered 40 000 views. This ashamed tourist even did not called police. Since that time nobody have seen him in Ukraine.