What costume should you wear for business meeting in Ukraine?

There is a tradition that people wear costumes of their native designers for political and business meetings. My American tourist Arthur broke this tradition and bought a costume of Ukrainian designer Voronin.

What is a highlight of this brand? The brand «Voronin» was created by a man who started his carrier as a 16 years old guy and became the most famous designer in the Soviet Union. Among his clients there were a Soviet leader Mykhailo Gorbachev, Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma and even American president Ronal Reagan. During the huge economic collapse of 1990s Mykhailo Voronin bought an old Soviet factory and reframed it into the most innovative and modern one.

Voronin was born in an ordinary Kyiv family and presented his fist work to his mother being a teenager.  He embroidered a small pillow. She was impressed by son’s marvelous handmade and advised him to enter the Garment School. Mykhailo became the best student there and after practicing in the studio he was invited to work there. Very soon a hard working guy got a chief position in his sewing group.

“The most difficult job was to persuade people with soviet mentality to do things in a new and better way”. Voronin was very creative and offered to his workers to do activities which they do the best.  At the studio mainly old people worked and they did not trust very much young ambition guy. Mykhailo decided to change their minds.

–“ I made a bet that I would sew a winter coat at one night. My workers smiled sarcastically and locked me on the factory after working day. In the morning when they returned I met them wearing my new coat”.

Reducing costume fittings till one was Voronin’s innovation. It took just five minutes to choose costume for Arthur.

“My clients are politicians and businessmen whose time is very important for them. I was thinking how I can minimize time for fitting. Once I read an article about archeologists who reconstructed skeleton of Neanderthal just regard to his finger. I realized that I have to find modulus that give me an information about tailoring of the whole body”. Such method Voronin called zhyletno-maketnyi one.

Voronin left this world some years ago but till the end he had kept being an easy going person, just a guy from Kyiv suburb.