What does the Motherland Monument mean?

Many tourists are impressed by the huge Motherland Monument but do not know what exactly it means. Gorgeous monument is dedicated to millions of soldiers, officers and civil people who fought and died in the battles for Ukraine and particularly for Kyiv.

In the second part of 1943 the Soviet army followed Nazi approached the Dnieper River.  On the opposite right bank Hitler concentrated the best German divisions.  German forces had very good position as the right bank is much higher then the left one and for soviet army it could be very difficult to pass the river. the german army was lead by one of the best Nazi general Manstein. The Dnieper offensive operation was driven by the 1st and the 2nd Soviet armies.

The first Soviet attacks were luck of success. On the south of Kyiv Soviet militarists tried to pass a huge river with great lost. Many soldiers had not even simple wooden boats and had to swim on their bags filled with straw or used logs of wood.

As Russia writer and soldier Victor Nekrassov wrote “250 thousand people entered the river and just 25 thousand got out on the right bank”. The Dniper was red of blood and salt of human bodies.  The soldiers who reached the right bank were welcomed to the hell. Nazi covered them with a fire wall and it seemed that volcano erapted.

Probably the south attack was a special plan of the Soviet commanders in order to attract German attention.  On the 25th of October the main Soviet forces  were suddenly redeployed to the north of Kyiv and started a large-scale attack.  In 2 weeks on November 7th Kyiv was liberated.

Mother Motherland faces the Dnieper River where about 400 thousand people died in 1943 during the Kyiv Operation.