Where to go in Kyiv: modern ballet

Many tourists in Ukraine include in their must see list Opera and Ballet House which here is really cool and cheap. However I recommend you not only traditional classic performances but as well modern one.

During last years in Kyiv modern ballet of Rado Poklitaru got popularity. Once when I visited ballet studio in the theater I glanced on this theater repetition. It was really amazing.

Rado Poklitaru is a fashion, modern choreographer. Many Ukrainian know Rado Poklitaru as extraordinary choreographer of “Everybody dance!” TV show. His life credo is” In your life you should make something that is easy for you. But make this job the best”. For his theater he takes young sometimes not professional classic dancers such as modern dancers. His main requirement is ability to show emotions and be artistic on the stage as well as be good dancer.

Rado Poklitaru is from Moldova originally. He studied and worked in Russia as a ballet dancer in the best theaters such as the Bolshoi Theatre. But he became known as a ballet-master.

About 10 years Kyiv businessman Vladimir Filippov invited young choreographer to Kyiv with offering to establish Kyiv modern ballet. Since that time Rado Poclitaru created such great stagings as “The Long Christmas Dinner”. “Women in D minor”, “Giselle”, “Carmen.TV” and many others.

I visited three of his stagings. And I absolutely can guarantee you that you never get bored there.


Where: Opera and Ballet Theatre for Children and Youth

Mezhyhirska street, 2

Website and lists of performances: