Candlemas or winter and spring fighting?

Orthodox Christians have many feasts and Candlemas is very important  among them. Widely known, Candlemas as a feast of the Jesus presentation n Church. Eastern Slavs believe that  that day winter meet spring and they fight each other. People believe that if the weather during this day is cold winter won. If it is warm we should expect warm weather soon.

Candlemas in pre-Christian time was a festival of hunder. Till now people bless candles in church, light them and bring home. They keep such candles at home and light them in case of troubles such as hurricane, fire, war and illnesses. Also people bless water.

Candlemas in my town Zvenugorodka

Candlemas foreruns holly Lent. This is the last week when believer can eat meat. During the next week people have a great celebration of Maslyana or Butter week, cook pancakes with bitter, sour cream, visit reletives. Lent takes around 40 days.