Ferens List: lost his money and found love in Kyiv

A hundred years ago Kyiv was the centre of trade and every year businessmen, sellers, merchants gathered here for a big market. They were seeking entertainments besides their business. The city authority invited a famous Hungarian musician Ferens List to give a concert at a trade building in the Podil area.

Ferens List

His concerts had a huge success. Kyiv students carried List in a chair inside the concert hall and the audience demanded the concert after the concert. List was just in his mid-30s and he loved women, gambling and drink. At that time Kyiv was known as the centre of gambling. Modern Las Vegas. Could you imagine that List lost all his concert income in one night?!
However, after the big lost destiny benefited Ferens with a big love. During a charity concert, the lady paid 100 rubles for a ticket whereas a ticket cost one ruble. At that time it was a huge amount of money. People could buy a herd of cows for this money. List was curious who that lady was. A beautiful lady appeared in front of musician and he realized that he had fallen in love. She introduced himself as Carolina. She was one of the richest landowners in Ukraine. She invited him to her residence in Vinnitsa region. Ferens found out that she is married and has a daughter. She was clever as well as beautiful. Caroline spoke French and Italian fluently, read Gugo and Dante. In one week he went from her residence and left a letter on her table: ”I lost my mind with you and I will find a way to be with you”.

She did not like her husband as he was a brutal and lazy person. During that strict time she could not divorce so she ran away together with List.
They lived many years together rather happy life. However, Pope did not allow them to marry and Caroline was in depression for a long time. Soon incomprehensive Ferens decided to be a priest and his lovely beautiful Ukrainian wife became a nana. This incredible couple lived in Rome in different monasteries. They probably met sometimes and recollected their love and gambling in unpredictable city Kyiv.