From dragon dwelling till city of millionaires

Once in Kyiv, a big dragon lived. He used to attack the lands of Rus and take beautiful girls as prisoners. In such way, the fairy tale about Kyrylo Kozhumyaka starts. He fell in love with a daughter of Kyiv prince and stole her. The prince asked people to attack the dragon and rescue the princess. Just one man volunteered to fight against a frightful dragon. It was a local leather maker Kyrylo Kozhumyaka. He was famous for his incredible strength and could tear up five bull leather together. Kyrylo won the dragon and saved the prince’s daughter.

Since that time this Kyiv district is called Kozhumyaky. Traditionally craftsmen used to live here: potters, shoemakers, jewellers and leather makers.

Small-scale merchants also settled in Kozhumyaky. At the end of Vosdvishenka, there is a market where they used to sell their goods.  Ukrainian writer described their life in the comic play “Na Kozhumyakah”. Once upon a time a merchant and a shop-owner lived here. He had a daughter Pronya who was well-dressed, educated but nobody wanted to marry her as she was not pretty, had a big nose and graceless by her rich parents. So, when foppish young man Golohvastov started to look after her Pronya and her family were happy and already started to plan a wedding. Golohvastov was a type of handsome men who kept indolent lifestyle. He had a small barbershop but his business was not very successful and soon he ran into debt.

So, getting married to Pronya was the way to sort out his problems. At the same time, he proposed to another girl who was pretty but poor.  The proverb tells “Don’t try two harries simultaneously because you will catch none of them”. Golohvastov was disrobed in the day of his wedding and kicked away. You can see statues of Prona and Golohvastov on Andrey decent. People believe that everybody who touches them could get love and money at the same time. But it is a kind of joke.

Nowadays Vozdvyzhenska is build up by colourful modern buildings. You can see fashion galleries, cafes and shops here. In the early 2000s, rich people invested millions for street reconstruction. One apartment costs from $250 000 till $4 000 000. However, not many people want to live here. First of all, because the street is situated in a canyon and apartments are always wet, their undergrounds sometimes are flooded by groundwater.