Gays, who cooks for you???

Nowadays Ukraine is built by not politicians but by creative people who bring new idea and projects.

Such as mister Michael Shchur!

Michael Shchur is a political journalist from Canada with Ukrainian roots. We call them diaspora. Ukrainian TV “Toronto” send him to Ukraine for get to know what is going in their Motherland. He asks Ukrainian politicians tricky questions. In some time, he liked here so much what he didn’t come back to Canada…

But… Not many people know that Michael Shchur is not real. He was trumped up by a funny journalist from Lvyv Roman Vintovin. First, Roman was an ordinary student, then a newsmaker for different TV in Kyiv. One day he fed up with lie and stupidity of Ukrainian politicians. He created YouTube channel where discuss news in a funny way.

Michael Shchur criticizes not only politicians but absurd situations in any field of our not perfect society.  Such as teacher put a mark in his pupil’s forehead, kindergarten chief fired young nanny because she has photos in a swimming suit in facebook, Ukrainian road police fined driver because he got stuck in road hole.

My favourite one is an interview with this tipsy man who protested against gay march in central Kyiv in 2015.

  • Why are you against gays?
  • I not actually against. I feel sorrow about them. For instance, I am married, I have a wife. When I back home food and bad are waiting for me. But what about you gays? Who cooks for you?

Then, you see poster: Gays, who cooks for you???  And Ukraine song: “Cook my dear, cook my black eyes girl”.

Surely after this interview, all gays would realize that nobody cooks for them and gets married))