Hiking in kyivan countryside

Kyivans used to spend vacation far away from the capital – Carpathian mounting, Black sea, Lvov city… However, many of them even do not guess that picturesque natural and mystical places can find just in a 20 min drive from Kyiv. Together with my friends Alexander, we developed five hours walking tour, which covers:

  • The forest there Second World War’s pillbox keep.

  • The longest in Kievan region mystical cave.  

  •  Scythian settlement from 6 century BC near Hodoseevka village

  • 18th century’s baroque church

Konch-Zaspa village tour guide in ukraine

Konch-Zaspa village

Our first group consists of guest from Norway Olle and four our friends.

The local bus brought us to Konch-Zaspa village. It well-know, as many politics have country houses here since soviet time. The most famous residents are former presidents Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma. 

Hiking in kyivan countryside tourguide ukraineWe go into a forest and in 30 min walk find out reinforced concrete bunker. It one of 300 military bunkers, which were set by Soviet leader Stalin around Kyiv during the 30-s.  Regarding this military protection Soviet army held the position against Nazi during more than three months July-September 1941. However, till the middle of September Nazi encircled them and about 500 thousand people were captured and many killed. According to this note, on August 3, some garrison protected this bunker but in 5 hours, enemy trope killed them.

Hiking in kyivan countryside tourguide ukraineNext stop – endless green hills. 2,500 years ago, here existed one of the main settlement of so-called forest-steppe Scythians.  They had hunting, fishing and maybe practice some agriculture. On one side their settlement was surround by forest, the high riverbank protected another side. Besides, Scythians erected a high rampart.

Hiking in kyivan countryside tourguide ukraineThe main enemy of forest-steppe Scythians were nomad Scythian from south steppe. Many evidences like Scythian arrowheads say  about often settlement’s attacking. Likely, southern nomads conquer local people. At the end of 7 century BC, the huge burial mounds appeared here, similar to Scythian graves in the south. Inside, archeologists found various gold staff, which now keep in a Museum of Gold in Kyiv. 

Hiking in kyivan countryside tourguide ukraineA few steps down in the canyon and we near the Geonavt cave. A few steps down in the canyon and we near the Geonavt cave.

This cave known as the longest – 60 meters –natural clay cave in Kyiv region. It has central, rather a wide hall, where local master carved fortress with towers. 

Father, two tunnels with much narrow rooms. A clay is quite strong material. The monks in Lavra monastery made their cave of clay as well. According to some tourists, they even spend a night inside. However, just two of us were courageous enough to go inside.

Hiking in kyivan countryside tourguide ukraineLunch in the forest and talking with our Norway friend. His name is Olle, but we called him Oleg. It is old Ukrainian name and Norway name as well. In nine century, we Kyiv Russ had Prince Oleg, who probably was Viking by original.

We on our way again… Following by fantastic music of Andriy Kononenko.