Hiking near Kyiv

Hiking along amazing Kyiv countryside with lakes, forest, hills, canyons.
The hiking route is about 12-15 km.
Meet at meeting point and go by bus to beautiful and green village Bezradyshi.
There are residences of our former president Yushchenko and other magnates.
Short tour around the village: church, shop, local people life.
Hiking Kyiv hills so called “Small Carpathian mountain”
Go to canyon with it unique untouched beauty.
Picnic on the hills with panoramic view.
Visiting a lake which is placed at summer residences. You can swim if you want. The water is clean.
Return to Kyiv by bus.
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, take swimsuit, rain coat (depend on the weather), some food (we going to have picnic) and water for yourself.
If you book tour for 4 people or more we can do private hike for your group.
The hiking route can be different from description as we have some different and unique routes

Route of the hiking: Konche Zaspa – Khodosievka.
Meeting place and time : 10:20, Vydubychi metro station, inside of station! on the platform (between two trains).
Duration: about 6-7 hours.
Conditions: 12 km. on hilly terrain, descent into the canyon, if you wish to pass into the cave.
Clothing: depending on the weather, closed shoes, better sneakers. Inside of the cave can be dirty so you can take change clothes if you wish!
What to take: food for a picnic and water, carimates, raincoats, flashlights for passage into the cave.
We try to make your hiking safe, interesting and exciting.

Date: Saturday or Sunday

Price: from 19 $