How survive in Europe for 300 € for 2,5 weeks. BARCELONA )))

 At last at 6 00 a.m. Wizzair flew us to Spain. I have never seen so much water. kiev guideMediterranean sea… I afraid that our plan can fall into this measureless pool. When plane stared going down I saw that sea is nearby. “Maybe we can go to swim first and then go to Barcelona – I thought. But … when the plane reached ground sea was so far ).

In Spain palms were the most attractive for me. I have seen palms only on pictures. And sun. It looks like light spreads through a sieve. It totally different from Ukrainian summer where can be very hot and cold in one moment.

kiev guideIn Barcelona museum of Picasso was the first place we visited. Museum has free entrence very month. We were lucky as always. It was free that day! Near the metro we meet some polish people. Together we found Picasso museum. It is situated on narrow and bright street. We stood in long line and listened street Spanish musicians. In hour we reached the museum. Administrator looked on our bags and let us leaves them. We were grateful!
Picasso museum keeps early artist works. Early work of Picasso is real masterpiece!  Maybe I am old stile but I prefer classical pictures. As for me, the best is Picasso’s father picture . Just by pen the artist made them alive.

After museum we came to sea. We were seating on the bank looked and fishes Kiev guideswimming under our legs. I never have seen so many big fishes. Ha-ha! It was real dream for every Ukraine fisherman.
Near MacDonald we arranged to meet with guy and girl from Prague who were going to Alicante event as well. These MacDonald’s were really helpful for us. Tourist office gave us map there all MacDonald’s were marked. So every time when we wanted to toilet, drink water or charge mobiles we came right there! Thank you American friend!

Prague people were so pleasant to take our bags for one night. As we did not have place to stay we decided to make sleepless night. First, we together go to see light fountains. They were so wonderful! The huge light stream of water jumped up and down. Light reflected on museum dome.kiev guide
After show we say good night to new friends and came to  beach. It was cold. Tania felt bad. For treating we had just gorilka (vodka) with blackberry that we prepared for European night in camping. Super! Our mood got up! In front of us some younger were singing . I realized than I like these funny Spanish people ))

A Blackman came to us. He spoke strange mix of English, Spanish and African languages. Do you want marihuana girls? – He asked. Because of economical crisis he lost his job and now his work is on the beach. In the morning he offers machetes for vacationers and marihuana at night.  – Sometimes police seat on beach and hunt for marihuana sellers, but I can recognize them – he open some specific of his work.

This night we slept on bench in most criminal city of Spain.  In Europe it is usual. Many benched are occupied by homeless people  or travelers and their bags. Probably many of them are from our countries like Ukraine, Poland, Russia. They are looking for job. First we were afraid, but tiredness fell us down. We were wandered like zombies, came upon small park and fell on first beach! That night we slept like dead…

Early morning cigarettes smell woke me up. Two blackmen looked on us and spoke about something. They were seemed suspicious so I woke up Tania. But they apologized and even offered me cigarette! Ha- ha-ha! Nobody Never offered me cigarette. ))

08.08. Early morning we came to park. Parks are fantastic in Barcelona! With IMG_5645cactuses, flowers, trees and parrots! We only were pity that did not find it at night. Real parodies for vagabonds!

All day long we walking in city and swimming in sea and at the evening we came to Martin – nice Spanish guy who I meet in Couchserfing. He spoke Russian language very good. We felt like home in his small flat. We decided to prepare dinner together so went to buy food for Ukrainian borsch. He showed us small shop there were many cheap fruits and vegetables. Its owner was Pakistani. He looked on me like charmed. He asked: where you from? – From Ukraine.

IMG_5638Have you ever been to Ukraine? He only said: Nice, very nice country…. These men really admire blond. Since this time during our travelling we bought fruits only in Pakistani shops. In Alicante nice guy gave us branch of date for free! Returned home we found that Martin did not have a big pot. – My flat is small and dishes are small. – he explained . – My exgirlfriend took away all my dishes. So Martin went to rent dishes to neighbors upstairs – old lady from Peru. While we were preparing borsch Martin told that he studied Chemistry in Harvard. There he met Russian girl from Kazan. It was the main motive for learning Russian language.

He remembered with love his visiting Kazan, big family of his girlfriend and especially Russian pies and cabbage soup. Martin was grateful for borsch. In Barcelona he buys borsch only in bottles in Ukrainian and Russian shops. Martin prepared for us real fantastic diner – with candles, Catalonian wine and American ice-cream.

kiev guide09.08. Next morning we were walked in Barcelona like in native city. Mostly we spent day on the beach and in the evening before leaving Barcelona for Alicante come to see famous Sagrada Familia. This is gigantic cathedral. I remember it now. Its so attraction with mysteries figure of Saints on facades…

Missing Barcelona, but go ahead, go ahead. More adventures were waiting for us. Night bus (which we used also like hostel) rushed us to Alicante. Its cost 40 € and was full of funny people. We asked women with courtly manners and in high-heels change sitting. She agreed with pleasure. Her new neighbor was imposing man. She try to talk to his but … he was so imposing that not took attention on. So she decided to find other object of her interest. Put her leg with high heel in entrance. So everybody must to note her leg))