How survive in Europe for 300 € for 2,5 weeks. Magic Budapest

Three years ago I with my friend got Schengen visa. During the next two and  half weeks, we were wandering around  Europe. We had been visited such countries as Hungary, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, and Poland. Almost every day we arrived in a new city, met new people, swam in the Mediterranean sea, saw different styles of architecture and museums. Each of us had only 300 € in the pocket but in our mind, we had incredible wish to make our trip come true. 

04. 08. It was 15 20 than I ran kiev guideout metro like a bullet with rucksack on my back, packet with cake in hand and 300 E in my pocket. All money that I took for traveling in Europe. It promised much adventures. And adventures started right now! . Our train came in 15 24!!!!!!!! Tania and her friend shouted me in a mobile that the train leaves from the first platform. I flew up to the second floor and O MY GOD – there was second platform on the board, not first!

“Where is the first platform?!! – think I shouted so loudly that all people around looked at me. They pointed on the first floor. There were a crowd on the escalator but in some fantastic way I flied of them together with my my numerous baggages.
Some people ran somewhere to the right. Instinctly I followed them, jumped in dark coach and shouted: “ Does this train come to Chop! (Chop is town on the border) 
Conductor said me something but I didn’t hear her. Only at third time I understood. Yeas, this train to Chop. Yeas, yeas, yeas! I was ready to kiss the conductor.
05.08. After half day and night travelling we kiev guidereached Hungarian boundary. Most people here speak Hungarian – very difficult for understanding language. But there were some Ukrainian women, who help us took tickets to Budapest. We passed border by small train. Hungarian guards looked like Germany soldiers time of WWII. They looked  at us and our documents mistrustfully.  Spoke in bad Russian. Asked where we going, and other stupid questions. “- We are going to Spain and have AEGEE invitation . For camping in Alicante. – I explained, – AEGEE is youth organization”. And so on. At least they let us go. In Budapest some Spanish guy Diego (who I found in couchserfing) gave a warm welcome for us in his cool apartment. He was so nice that let us use his comp, eat foods, drinks, even when he left Budapest for some village next morning. He asked just leave a key under the carpet then we go.
Diego rent nice flat in the center of Budapest. The biggest attraction was huge balcony. I think it can use for a party even. At night we eta on balcony, drank Hungarian wine and watched our newborns. Thee guys in front had dinner as well. They were talking so loudly that all house can hear then. Unfortunately, we understood nothing .
After dinner I made cake for us and our new friend. Than I finished Tania slept. So I go to walk night Budapest alone. Firstly I saw there were many young people walking on the street. It’s unusual for Ukraine where at 1 am. streets are empty.
Near hundred youngers were sitting on stairs of huge st. Stefan’s cathedral. In front of the cathedral there was nice narrow street with nightclubs. Its come to Danube river. I heard that B0fd9d8_3c88df5596534010b74b2e57ffdcd7cbudapest is very attraction at night and I was charmed by its beauty. Whole city was in lights. There was Gothic palace on the other bank. Huge light bridge throw river.. Many big and small buildings in antique stile. It was really like in fairy tale. Like my dream in childhood.


06.08. I woke up at 8 o’clock becouse by  our neighbors shouted much. They thought, if they wake up the same must do a whole house. I looked on my cake. Its seams delicious with chocolate cover. But something was missed. Nothing to do and I put nuts on it “Buda”. End didn’t fit so I write “pest” up. I really felt in love with this city.
kiev guide

When Tania woke up we came to palace of Hungarian king. Now there is a museum. Administrator was so pleasant that let us go  free as museum workers!

It was so huge  four floors museum. Underground was the most attraction. Came down and down to cells there  Hungarian kings had kept their enemies. Another surprise for us was cheap and delicious food in Hungary. Particularly, ice-cream, watermelon, milk.

kiev guide

07.08. We spend night in Budapest airport waiting for plane. There was so cold. Tania slept covering with carpet. I had nice conversation with some Hungarian man who travel from London home. He treated me London’s bananas ( Ha-ha London bananas the cheapst food there. Now I know it)  and told that he works in London as a builder. His lovely religion family stays in small Hungarian village on the boundary with Rumania.