Kyiv cafes with fresh baking

– Could you pls finish your pie?

– Why?

– Because the sanitary inspector is coming.

Such talking was usual in Kyiv cafes in the 19th century. It was difficult to find a good and cheap bakery. Luckily nowadays Kyiv has a lot of good bakeries.


I adore places with the aroma of freshly baking bread.  My favourite bakery is Tetya Klava café (Aunt Klava) on Vozdvizhenska street.

It is really great to walk along Andriyivskyy Descent during a quiet weekend morning and feel ancient town in sunlight. If you turn to Vozdvizhenska street you can find the small bakery-caféin front of modern square. The highlight of Tetya Klava bakery is low-calories of its products. You can find a huge amount of veal, cheese, cherries, and poppy seeds inside of pies. For dessert, I recommend pastry nuts with condensed milk or cake Muraveynik (Anthill).

Continuing walking along Vozdvizhenska street and we reach ancient Podol.  In olden days here were city strong walls with the market right beside. Till now “Ray market” survives. Just in front of the market Tatars refugees from Crime opened great Cheburek shop “Sofra”. Cheburek is traditional Tatars food – a kind of meat pasty. there are always many people. You make your order, a seller give you the number and asks come back in 10 -15 mins. You can spend this time in the market and explore “underground” Kyiv life.


Many old buildings remain on Podol.  One of them on Nizhny Val 19/21 where in early 20th-century Kyiv merchant I. Blinder opened a confectionery “New Victory”. Now here is a modern confectionery “Honey”. The owner couple Zavertaylo continue pre-revolution traditions and offer chocolate cherry dessert “New Victory”.  In total, they have 25 kinds of dessert.

The oldest Kyiv café-bakery is“Yaroslavna”(since 1947!).  It is placed in old prince town beside St Sophia Cathedral and Golden Gate.  “Yaroslavna” means a daughter of Prince Yaroslavl the Wise.  The brand product is blueberry pies. You can take them outside and have a breakfast in one of cosy courtyard nearby.