Kyiv park with Latin flavor

Kyiv park

One of the smallest parks in Kyiv –  Shevchenko Park – is known as the most active one. Tourists can take a rest in the gorgeous Ukrainian restaurant “Opanas”, local men play chess at the  tables and youth dance salsa- bacchante every week-end. This park was created thanks to to Brazilian emperor Don Pedro. He visited Kyiv in the 19th century. Kyiv chairman showed him a beautiful new building of university. Don Pedro looked around and saw a wasteland opposite the university where goats and sheep were running on.  Homeless people and pilgrims slept on the grass.   He asked: Why is the wasteland so ugly?  You should make a beautiful park here!

Kyiv park

At that time many parks and squares appeared in Kyiv. The most famous one was Mariinsky park which Alexander’s the II wife of  empress Maria founded. This park was carried by the most respectable art patrons of the city. For instance, Feodor Tereshchenko who lived near the park. Nowadays his house hosts the museum of Eastern and Western arts. The architect was Volodymyr Nikolayev.

In this square you can find the oldest city public toilet which is already 100 years old. The new creation is the statue of an old lady – babushka who is sitting on the bench. She is a symbol of all city babushkas, who used to sit nearby their houses and gossip.

An extraordinary coffeehouse is a tram in Shevchenko Park . This tram is a symbol of Kyiv as well as a red call-box is a symbol of London. Tram was the first mechanic transport here and a very successful business project. After the revolution of 1917 it degraded but in 1922 the Bolsheviks replaced it. Nowadays, faster transports such as a metro and buses change trams. But Kyiv administration offers different entertainments with trams such as the city tram tours or tram-cafés.