Let’s go hiking!

When you come to Kyiv you have a change to explore not only city but nice places around.  From spring till autumn “Amazing Ukraine” organizes hiking near Kyiv.  Such hiking tours were started regard to our guide Alexander who know all places, all villages, all lakes and paths around the capital. For one year we have done 18 hiking tours, pass 200 km and gathered about 150 friendly people together.





Among our visitors were people from England, the USA, Turkey, Iran, the Argentina, the Philippines, France and Italy. Various people and hiking routes did every hike unique. I would like to share with you the most memorable moments.
Full of challenges hiking we did nearby Koncha-Zaspa village on the south of Kyiv. We were passing the deep canyon. In some places it looks like a steep cliff. All people encouraged and helped each other as our goal was not easy at all – it was canyon’s cave.


Natural cave is known as Geonavt cave is the longest one in Kyiv region.   It consists of some rather high halls but for entering them you need to creep. Mysterious master carved here clay fortress and Dynamo symbol.

The other route and the most beautiful one is way to Bezradychi village on the south from Koncha-Zaspa .These green hills inspired us and gave the name Kyiv Carpathian to our group. Bezradychi is known as a residence of  former president Viktor Yushchenko.There he looks after bees and collects antique diches and icons. In the village we were looking for fresh milk and met this cheerful man in a thatched hat. Former chief of the village and Yushchenko’s friend lives simple live. He dug a lake on his field, filled it with fishes and now enjoys fishing and pasturing his cow.  Every time we visit Bezradychi, he treats us with milk and old village stories.

The most mystical hike we have ever been on happened in Klavdievo on the north of Kyiv. It was sunny weather and on our way we gathered blueberries. Beside the road,one of our crew Andriy found wild goat head and took it. He had an idea to fix it on his door to scare his landlord. Probably goat head was mystical one and had no plan to leave her forest. Suddenly heavy rain started.

We were running and lost half of the group. At least we all gathered under wooden shelter near a lake. Everybody was wet and thought about warm home.Andriy opened his bag, reached gas burner and treated everybody with hot coffee.

After a while some brave people ran to the lake and swam under the rain. If you never have an experience swimming during the rain I recommend you try. Wet but happy we tried hitch-hiking besides the road.



The most tasty hiking happened in deep forest of Fastiv

region. We got there by local train – electrushka. It was middle of summer – perfect time for berries and swimming. We tried so much fruits – blue berries, black berries, raspberries, cherries, strawberries. Among our team was guy from the Philippines who was impressed by all forest’s food. He uploaded every berries photo on his facebook page and wrote: Ukraine is the country of the most tasty and free wild food.






In such way I got know natural places around Kyiv. Regards to my friends and many new friends who I met during hiking tours. Beauty is around us. Just wake up early week-end morning, take a bag and let’s go for a hiking!