Military tour to Kyiv bunkers

kiev military tour

Go on a 3-hour Kiev Fortified Region Tour with a military historian. You will explore four different bunkers including a 250 meter bunker, a bunker on the lake, learn about the Maxim machine gun and visit a German cemetery.


  • Walk along the 250 meter underground bunker and explore the severe life of the bunker defenders
  • See the Maxim gun machine, bunker telescopes, WW II helmets, hand grenades and bullets in the bunker museum
  • Be led by a professional military history guide who has been exploring the Kiev Fortified Region his entire life
  • Take photos by professional camera and receive your photos after the tour
  • Row to the bunker on the lake by catamarans and enjoy the beautiful landscape


You will be picked up from your hotel by minibus with military guide and interpreter. The military guide is a professional and author of a book about the Kiev Fortified Region who will answer all your questions.

Go to the western outskirts of Kiev, where many bunkers of the Kiev Fortified Region remain. The commandant of the museum bunker will meet you and explain the different parts of bunker in use since WW II. Inside, you will explore unique WW II bunker equipment such as the Maxim machine gun, bunker telescopes, helmets, grenades and bullets which were found by fans of military history.

Visit the longest 250 meter underground bunker and walk along its labyrinths. The guide will show you strong metal bunkers where soviet militarists were surrounded by the Nazis and defended for some days. At last, you will be brought to a beautiful lake with a flood bunker, which you will reach by catamaran. If you would like to visit the shooting range after the tour, you can be dropped off there.


1- 3 person : 150 USD

4-10 person: 195 USD

Duration: 3 hours


  • guide
  • car transportation during all the tour