Must see in Iasi, Romania Palace of Culture

Palace of Culture is definitely on the must-see tourist attractions list in Iasi, Romania. It is suitable also for family and kids’ visits. During the Socialist Republic of Romania, the building served as the Administrative and Justice Palace. Nowadays it hosts Moldovia National Museum Complex. The basic building is from the 15 century and is known as Princely Cort of Moldavia. It was rebuilt in the early 19th century in Neo Gotic style. The palace has 298 rooms with a total area of more than 34 000 m2. The gem of the Historical Museum is a significant collection of pottery from the Cucuteni culture dating back to 6 000 BC. The Cucuteni–Trypillia culture is the first agricultural civilization in Europe. Beside the Palace of Culture is a large gree area with restaurants, fountains, and carousels. You are also welcome to follow my Facebook blog

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