My Maidan

Recently in Ukraine we have days of memory of the most cruel events on Maidan. 73 people were killed by snipers and police. Together with friends I supplied tea and sandwiches to people on barricades. This post is part of my diary.

29.01.2014. Good sunny morning to everybody!
Our small voluntary group came back from night watch on Maidan. This time we were allowed to go to last defensive wall. Just in some meters police stayed and it seemed they felt cold as moved all the time. After midnight our friend from eastern Ukraine Mykola met his townsmen tent and we warmed our feet there.









11.02.2014. Came back to Maidan after one week sick which I call home prison.)) The weather is almost spring. This day is peaceful without any shooting. This is time of art. In Ukrainian House writers and poets gathered. Guys set up a piano on barricades and play in some meters from police. People said that singer Ruslana played there in the morning. On the kitchen of Trade Union House I met two girls and we together brought tea on barricades. One girl is sale manager. While carrying tea she speaks to clients on the phone.

Near barricades we met Italian journalists. They convince us that not afraid. No paura)) Men on barricades ask us not come at night. They afraid somebody can steal us))
Greek man ask me what we are fighting for?. If for Europe there no good. I tell him we fight for freedom. For every Ukrainian was proud of himself.
In any case we will win. Because we are Ukrainians.


19.02.2017. We on Maidan after the cruelest night. Yanukovych announced antiterrorist operation. Metro was closed for some days. At 11pm. police put in the fire Trade Union House. Next morning we go to Maidan by trolleybus. Help people to clean area around. Ground is covered with dust and ash. Man from Lviv treats us with so tasty Lviv coffee. Police still throw light grenades and treat people with wall of cold water. But people come and come. All supermarkets nearby full of people who buy food for Maidan. I have seen foreigners who pulled two heavy bags and greeted guards with : Slava Ukrainy!


22.02.2014. During last two days snipers killed about 70 people. Now everything finish. Everything is in black. I have seen man who cried. But we should not. We are tea teams and our job is treat people with tea and good mood.

This Ukrainian boy was taken to Maidan by his father. I am sure he will be remember this time. As these people who stayed here for 3 months and there killed did it for him. For new generation.