If you travel around Ukraine by train you should ask for tea. This is special tradition or ritual drinking tea and having relaxing talking with coach mates while the rhythmical sound of train wheels.

The highlight of the train tea is ornamental metal glass holder. This is a symbol of other epochs. The first time glass holder was considered as a man cup. Probably it came to Russia from Iran. Iranian craftsman chased amazing silver decorated glass holders.  In the late 18 century, Russia has a war with Iran. Glass holders got popularity among Russian militarists who brought them home as souvenirs. They were useful as Russians used to drink hot tea. According to the proverb: “Tea has to warm your soul but it should not burn your hand”. Firstly glass cups used in cheap inns and pubs. The inn owners offered strong metal glasses to their gusts instead of breakables porcelain.

In the second part of the 19th century, metal glass holders got popularity among noble people. The best jewel firms as Faberge made them of silver, decorated with patterns and enamel. During that time very popular were romantic images with angels, fruits scenes of ancient Greece.

Golden epoch for glass holders became at the Soviet time.  Elegant silver glass holders were turned into brass ones and became part of Soviet propaganda.  They got soviet symbols “Sickle and Hammer”, worker and peasant, first tractor and seaman who break into Tsar palace. On Andriyivskyy Descent

a seller showed to us glass holders with first Soviet Earth satellite, the image of Ukrainian Cossack production of Kyiv factory, characters of Pushkin fairy tales.

Glass holder lost their popularity in the 1970s. The only place they exist till nowadays is a train. Modern glass holders contain Ukrainian emblem.