Private Ukrainian village tour

musienko_vlad_19_1211Lets to know wonderful green countryside of Ukraine, meet local people, prepare Ukrainian food,try different workshops and have a traditional dinner.

First, go to Marianivka village (50 km from Kyiv) by car and visit old residence of famous Ukrainian classic singer Ivan Kozlovskiy. The residence includes Ukrainian authentic house and a nice garden with flowers.

Second, go to village Pshenychne where our host  hospitable lady Olena show us  a traditional house  and all her family relics.

Third, workshop in cooking purogky –  traditional and very delicious baked buns with a variety of fillings( meat, cheese, apple, poppy seeds).
Fourth,  have a dinner nearby house which includes traditional dishes: borsch, potato with meet, pancakes and home wine.
Fifth, tour around village. Get acquainted with local people and  their lifestyle.
Sixth, go to beautiful modern village with lakes and small cozy monastery.
Program can be changed according to your wishes and local circumstances. We can add fishing, workshop in doing traditional wooden things or doll-talisman.
As well we can offer you tours to other villages and families

Duration: 7-8 hours
Price: 179 $