The ancient linden tree in Kyiv

Beside the spot where Tithe church once stood, the ancient lindon takes a bow. It is either 800 or 400 years old. There are different opinions. According to one opinion, Kyiv Metropolitan Petro Mohyla put it here. *Petro Mohyla became a chairman of the Kiev Metropolitan in 1632 and chose as his residence Saint Sophia Cathedral. Previously, uniates * had ruled in Saint Sophia Cathedral.

Kyivans were strong Orthodox Christians and prepared carefully for the arrival of the Orthodox metropolitan. They kicked out the uniates and drowned the Uniate Metropolitan Anthony Hrekovycha in the Dnieper river.

Upon arrival, the newly appointed head of the Orthodox Church was astounded. How much work needed to be done! Sofia was in a terrible situation! Rain flooded precious mosaic floors. Among this sadness above the altar an image of Saint Mary who raised her hand in prayer. “Indestructible Wall”  – this image was called by the people. “As long as there is the Indestructible Wall – as long Kyiv will stand as well”.


The metropolitan immediately started reconstruction. He asked for the help from Italian architect Octavian Mancini. Octavian decorated Sofia in the fashionable Renaissance style with rounded doorways and window shutters. 

The metropolitan had an idea to rebuild Tithe church. It was the first stone church of the Kiev Russ built by the Prince Vladimir the Great. He initiated the archaeological excavation in its place where he found the coffin of Prince Vladimir. However, Peter Mogila was able to build only a small church. Perhaps on this occasion, he put this lindon tree next to the church.

So, no matter how old this lindon is it was witness to these great historical events.

* Uniates are Eastern Rite Roman Catholics