The best Ukrainian wine

Does Ukraine have a good wine?  Actually, in the past, Ukraine wine market was poor. The Soviet Union took care of the quantity of wine, not about its quality. In modern Ukraine, many people know good wine taste and would like to drink high-quality national one. Here I would introduce three the best Ukrainian wineries which products you can try in local restaurants.

Trubetskoy is the oldest one wine manufacturer in Ukraine. It started 120 years ago when Russian prince Trubetskoy lunched wine factory in Kherson region on the south of Ukraine. In 1900 Trubetskoy winery got the Grand Prix at the world exhibition in Paris. Although in 1917 the factory was nationalized. The Soviet state continued producing Trubetskoy wine Pearl of the stepper well known over the Soviet Union and abroad. Even British monarch had Trubetskoy Ukrainian wine on their tables in London. Trubetskoy wine is very good at keeping its quality and its taste gets better with time.

Trubetskoy winery (photo

In the 2000s the factory was reconstructed and nowadays new owners sell natural wine successfully. Many tourists visit the factory. They can taste the wine in reconstructed historical buildings, stay in a Trubetskoy hotel and enjoy  Dnieper river landscape.

Kolonist winery (photo

Another Ukrainian wine brand Kolonist is rather young. The factory was started in 2005 along a lake in sunny Odessa region. This region has the same latitude as Bordeaux in France and Piedmont in Italy. The owner Ivan Plachkov is a descendant of Bulgarians who settled here in 19th century and produced a wine. Later the famous enologist from Bordeaux  Olivier Dauga joined them and together they created excellent unconventional wine. Often the couple organizes wine festivals and invited people from over Ukraine and abroad. It is remarkable that for making wine they use just Ukrainian sorts of the grave. Sometimes their wine cost up till 2 500 grn for a bottle.


Don Alejandro shows his wine collection (photo

Don Alejandro winery – Spanish style cosy wine craft. Their wine is totally handmade. The owner Alexander Shapoval or Don  Alejandro cooperates with the grave farmers in Odessa region. They select the best grave bunches, press the grape by hand, pour it in bottles and stick labels. In total, they can make about 220 thousand bottles a year