kiev guideKiev is known as a city of churches and witches.  Dark and light spirits usually stay in touch. Therefore, the patron of Kiev archangel Michel is black on Maydan and house with ghosts is placed on Holly Street. Andy descent 15 is known as a castle of Richard.

It was favorite house of soviet writer Victor Nekrasov. Being a small boy, Nekrasov liked to read Walter Scott “Richard the brave heart”.  In his mind the house was an image of some castle of Richard in England and in regard to Nekrasov, the house got named “Richard’s Castle”.

At the end of 19 century the house owner and founder was merchant Dmitriy Orlov. In order to enhance his prestige in the city and surprise people he built the house in neogotic style and it looks like a medieval castle. But he did not finish his house. Orlov was killed by robbers when he carried money for builders. He left wife, five kids and a huge debt. His wife was a clever woman: she took a loan and finished the house. She sold the house and gave credit back. But something strange happened. As soon as new owners moved to the house they left it. They told that during the windy weather they could hear some strange sounds, like somebody was groaning.

Some reasonable people explained that maybe the problem is in ventilation system of the house. Rumors had it that the widow gave to the builders just a part of their salary so they put something into ventilation system.

Nevertheless, people were scared to live there. In soviet period the city authority tried to make communal flats, but soon all tenants ran away. Yet house with ghosts attracted artists. They made painter’s studio on the upper floor and mysterious sounds inspired them. Nowadays, nobody lives there but some crazy people have an idea made hotel there.