The man who dreamt of the sky

Let me tell you about a man whose dream was flying. He lived 100 years ago when plane building has just started. He became one of the first aero developer and helicopter creators.

Igor Sikorsky. In early 20th century, he was an ordinary Kyiv boy who read Jule Wern and was curios about inventions. His family had an apartment in a building near the Golden Gate.  

"Ilya Muromets" landing in Sant Petersburg

He created the first plane in 1912 and called him Ilya Muromets. In honor of Ukrainian superhero. Sikorsky and his crew took a fly to Sant Petersburg where their passenger was tsar Nicolas II. Sikorsky got a medal from the tsar for his contribution to science. On their way to Kyiv, one of the plane’s engines caught fire but the crew was able to stop the fire in the air.

When the Bolsheviks took power in the country they chased anyone who had a connection with the tsar. At night one of the Sikorsky’s fans let him know he should immediately leave the country. Otherwise, he would be killed by the Bolsheviks.

Igor Sikorsky with his crew in New York

Igor Sikorsky left his family and ran away to Europe and after that to the USA. But he has never left his dream to develop the best plane in the world. Nearby New York City he rented rooms on the chicken farm together with other immigrants and made his experiments there. Once compositor Sergey Rachmaninov visited their place and invested 5 thousand dollars in their project.

In 1929 Igor launched Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. His new plane was able to transport the passengers to 1500 km away. The USA government bought his planes and opened the first flight to South America.

Once Sikorsky had  a  flight  over Jamaica and he have seen picture from his child dream: sea, island and palms.

One of the last helicopter of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Sikorsky also developed helicopters. The government used them to rescue people on the water.  Since that Sycorsky’s helicopters have rescued about 5 million people.

In the 70s Mukuta Chrushov visited the USA and he was invited to fly by helicopter. Nikita  Khrushchev felt skeptically about helicopters but after landing he bought two helicopters for the USSR.

Igor Sikorsky has never been seriously injured during any of his flights. As he told his talisman was his hat. He always wore it during his flights. Now many pilots come to Sikorsky museum to touch the hat before the flight for good luck.

Nowadays many people use Kyiv Airport  that is named in honor of famous Ukrainian  aero constructor  Igor Sikorsky