Totalitarian regimes took everything except his light soul

Throughout the history there were people who followed humanity during any life circumstances. In Kyiv of the 20th century the priest family Glagolevyh was such an outstanding example. The family followed Jesus moral any time and during any regime.

The early 20th century was an excellent time for Kyiv. Growing city extracted big business. There were opened luxuries Continental hotel, Krutikov Circus, a beautiful opera  theater. It was the city of philosopher Berdyaev and writer Bulgakov.

Alexander Glagoliev was a high educative young man who headed department of Theological Academy and worked as a priest at St Nicolas church on Podol. The priest had friendly relations with Bukgakov family and the writer mentioned him in Belaya Gvardiya novel as a modest, calm and very kind person.

In 1905 Kyiv citizens were angry with Jewish inhabitants and started pogrom. Prist Alexander met a violent crowd with a cross persuading them to stop a crime.

the bolshevik regime came soon and in 1930 they thrusted the Gragoliev family out of their house. For 6 years the priest family lived under the bell tower stairs. They even had no bed and had to sleep on the big chest. In 1937 Alexander was taken to Lukyanivska prison and died there.

Alexander’s way in life followed his elder son Aleksey. Nowadays it is difficult to understand how people who had lost everything could save their inner spirit. The couple together with three little kids lived in the basin and cold building for a  long time.

Even in such terrible conditions they kept to help people. In 1933 Kyiv was flowed by peasants who tried to run away from starving villages. As the priest daughter remembers their mom took them from kindergarten. Passing Ray market they saw starving people and mom always tried to treat them with milk or asked sellers to help them. When she saw kids who parents died here in the street she brought them home and next day located them into an orphan home as neighbor’s kids. It was forbidden to take peasant kids to orphanage.

In 1941 Kyiv was occupied by Nazi. Another cruel regime announced to gather all Jews nearby Babyn Jar. A young Jewish woman with a child asked Tatiana Glagolieva for help. Tatiana gave  her passport and baptizing document and transported them to their relatives to the village. Lately Nazi did passport control and as Tatiana did not have documents they took her to Gestapo. Fortunately she came back home safely. During occupation the Glagoliev family rescued some Jewish families. They registered Jews as church workers and even got bread card for them.

Regardless all troubles people remember Aleksey Glagoliev as a happy person. He always was smiling and cheerful. He loved life and people. He was ready to help any time.  He suddenly appeared in the people house with Charismas or Easter greetings. In 60ties many young people visited his house. He treated everybody with tea and refigures talking.

Totalitarian regimes were able to take everything except his light soul. In Israel Glagoliev’s family was called Righteous among the nations.