Ukrainian superhero Ilya Muromets


Lavra monastery keeps the relics of famous worrier whose name is Ilya Muromets. Ilya Muromets was extraordinary strong and brave worrier who lived in Kiev Russ around 11-12 centuries. He was one of the main figures of historical poems and legends that people created. Nowadays kids know him as a local superhero because there are many cartoons about the deeds of the hero.

A legend about Ilya Muromets tells that from his childhood he had a serious illness – a paralytic stroke and he could not walk. At that time, many martial tribes attacked Kiev Russ, took civilians and turned them into slaves. Ilya Muromets regretted that he could not stand up for his Motherland. But then a wonderful story happened. Once, two pilgrims came to his house and askedfor water.  Ilya Muromets could not walk but he had open heart and wanted to help. So summon all strength he stood on his legs and walked! These pilgrimsblessed him to protect Motherland from enemies.

Lavra monastery


He joined prince’s army and soon he became famous by his heroic acts and brave heart. He rescued people and did not ask for money. When he died his body did not start to be decompose but turned to the relics and Church named him Saint. Monks keep his relics together with relics of saintmonks in caves.

Illy Muromec

Unlike relics of other saint monks his relics are quiet big andconfirm that this man was about 171cm. At his time, he was a very tall man.  He has a hole in his breast. Probably, he was killed straight in a heart during his last battle. Soviet atheistic state did not believe that these relics belong to Ilya Muromets. Scientists did an expert investigation showing that the relicsbelonged to a man 44 to 55 years old who hada paralytic disease in his youth! And he was killed with a sword in his heart.