Vegetarian restaurants in Kyiv

As far as over the world vegetarian food gain popularity in Ukraine. At least some of my friends are vegetarians right now. Today if you visit Kyiv there no problem to find a vegetarian restaurant or café. I made for you the list of my and my friend’s favourite vegetarian places.

restaurant Imbir, in my opinion, is the best place if you really would like to enjoy not only delicious food but amazing aura as well. I visited Imbir a couple of times and this place helped me to forget busy Kyiv life. You can relax in a comfortable chair, listen to meditative music and read books like at home.  All food is made of the best vegetable, fruits and spices that melt in your mouth. Even a small portion can make you feel satisfied. As a drink, I recommend a juice with spirulina that has exquisite taste and is the best choice for your stomach.

The average check for one person 15-20 USD

If you are close to Maydan in the centre visit Nebos rawatarian restaurant. This stylish place is decorated with green and dry flowers. The interior is more simple than in Imbir restaurant but you will be surprised by Ukrainian rawatarian food! Rawatarian borsch, apple cake, mayonnaise made of sunflowers oil, cutlets.

The average check for one person 15-20 USD

Musafir café is Tatarian food restaurant. This café is not vegetarian but it has many vegetarian traditional dishes. Food is very tasty, in big portions but rather cheap. Some years ago Musafir was opened by Tatarian family who must move to Kyiv after Russian occupation in Cream. In this restaurant, you can fully enjoy traditional Tatarian hospitality.

The average check for one person 10 USD

You can find out healthy and cheap food in bistros such as:

Café B, and  Orangutang.

Have a great and tasty time in Kyiv!

Thank Daryna Avdieiva for help to make this post )