Why Rye market is Rye and where to buy vishivanka?

Favorable place of my tourists in Kyiv is Rye market. Yes, some people are scared by gigantic soviet market  building. But sellers “make a party” here! Just in this place you can find farm-to-table food: honey from Kyiv region farm, salo and meat from Vinnitsa region, wine from Transcarpathia. This is a real Ukraine)))

Rye market is one of the oldest markets in Kiev. It history started 1 000 years ago in Kiev Russ time.  In so old time Kiev was one of the biggest cities in Europe. It had over 50 000 citizens, 400 churches and 8 markets.

photo http://starkiev.com/

photo http://starkiev.com/

The thing is that Kiev stood on the main the trade route so called from the Vikings to the Greeks. Merchants stop their ships near Kiev for selling different wares.

Ray was the main selling product on the market therefore it got this name. In old time especially in villages people baked ray bread. Wheat bread was considered as expensive and people treated their guests with wheat pies just during festivals.

Rye market became not only trade center but a public meeting point where citizens discussed social affairs. Festival and carnivals were running here. Twice a year people organized Jarmarok – the big selling fair.

Rye market was renewed in the 15th century after Mongolians invasion. Market sellers united into associations which had important political and economical power on Podol. They built churches and administrative buildings. In early 17 century they founded Kyiv Mohyla Academy – the first university not only in Ukraine but in the whole Eastern Europe.

During the history many old market buildings were ruined and just a few kiev guideremains. Modern market’s live concentrates in soviet building of 70s. I have a friend here – a house garniture seller who knows everybody on the market. She recommends me charming brunet lady for buying the best sausages, smoked meat, at least Ukrainian product.

The lady is from Vinnitsa region – a  village on the border with Moldavia.  – All my family prepares sausages at home I have just one day off on Monday for bringing them to Kyiv.




Let’s try Ukrainian wine after sausages testing! Joyful Transcarpathian sellers treat you with red wine, mulled wine, cheese and different kinds of souses.

On the second floor you can buy vishivanka for  cheaper price than on Andriyivskyy Descent but good quality and handmade. Here you can visit the cheapest café in Kiev and food here really not so bad. I have already tried))